Can FOREVER be true?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

"Friendship never dies....", Hmm..... How true is this statement? Same goes to "FOREVER". Often than not, we always hear these words came out from peoples mouth. "I love you forever....." , "I will always be here for you forever..." , "Our love is forever and ever and ever and everrrrrr...." ARH CRAP! (-__-")

No matter what, forever's doesn't exist! Only God remains forever. So girls, if you're still there, sketching your fairytales guided by promises marked with "FOREVER", you better get up and pace away from that Neverland. Cause it doesn't exist.

Anyway, back to the main focus. So, can friendship ever dies? I mean, we can breakup in a relationship and we can divorce in a marriage, but what about friendship?

Well, here's my opinion, actually, FRIENDSHIP does dies but FRIEND will remain. SHIP indicates a close relation but once it fades, it wasn't friendship anymore. Its just FRIEND.

You know, no matter how close you are to a friend, someday, it will eventually fades off over time. Its like there's some kinda timer. Well, there are some friendships that survive a lifetime but its rare you know, like 0.0000000001% rare. So, what I'm trying to say is, be prepared, because FOREVER doesn't really last forever.


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