What you see on the web is different from the truth

Friday, 25 November 2011

Hi readers! I'm back...and sadly, with the same issue all over again...

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? I know its kinda insulting I'm asking you this, of course you had heard of it at least once. And I'm sure you know exactly what it means, aren't you? But how many of us in this planet had applied this in our lives? Because I'm pretty sure that the people around me still did judge a book by its cover, and that's including me(sadly).

We used to look at others appearances and make our own conclusion. But admit it, how many times did we judge people wrongly? And that's in real lives. Real people that we'd seen with our own naked eyes. But what about those people on the web? or facebook? Even in real lives, we can't judge a person accurately and how come we had a gut to judge a person in the web?

I'm bringing this topic, cause I admit, I'm kinda sad. I'm sad of the way people (that I know) judge me when they saw my facebook or must I say, this blog. They watch and read everything and then judge me like hell. What am I a slut now? I'm so sad because the one who told me this is the person that had really know me. Just the because they saw my picture in "its your life not theirs" or my video under Scandal, they say that I'm a fame perk. Hell-O! It is so not about fame dear. I'm doing it because I feel like doing it. I don't think anyone would watch it passionately anyway. I had done it, and I want to put it somewhere. By the way, I don't see why it is so wrong anyway. Is there any part of my body that shouldn't suppose to be seen exposed, just some shorts and boots.Like you never saw it ever in lifetime! And the video, did I do strip dance over there? No Right?! So what's the fuss??

So open your mind! What people show in the web doesn't mean that's the way the person is behaving offline. And don't lecture me over the phrase, "Don't say online what you won't say offline" or in other words  'DO'. Admit it, how many of us manage to do that? Most of us is very different on the web and in real life. What we present on the web is actually whats in our mind. Our designed life. So why not leave it there? Why fuss over it when we already know it?

By the way, watch your back, Don't ever judge others when you haven't even judge yourself.

And of course, I'm not mad. As I was saying, I'm just sad:( By the way, before I hit the post button, I already knew how the impact would be. But I was just hoping, that you would stop judging me(even I knew its not ever going to happen, people just can't stop judging aren't they?) If you're not comfortable with what I'm doing, then don't dare to hurt yourself by reading it. Easy right? Peace greeting from me :) 


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