Mysterious House: The Winchester House

Wednesday, 16 November 2011're probably been thinking about Dean and Sam Winchester the Ghost buster_ha-ha. I choose this house mainly because I like the show_a lot. But, No. I'm talking about a real house, a real place, and a real story.

The Winchester house is located at San Jose, California. It is a well known mansion in California. It was reported to be haunted. Once, the mansion is a personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of a gun magnate William Wirt Winchester.

The Story of the Winchester house began like this....
Sarah and William was married on September 30, 1862, during a civil war in an elaborate ceremony in New Haven. Four years later, on July 15, 1866, Sarah gave birth to a daughter named Annie Pardee Winchester. Just a short time later, her daughter contracted an illness known as "marasmus", a children disease in which the body wastes away. The poor baby died on July 24 the same year. After the tragedy, she and her husband would never had a child again.

Not long after that, another tragedy struck her. Her husband which is now the heir of the  Winchester empire was struck down with pulmonary tuberculosis. He died on March 7, 1881. As a result, Sarah inherited over $20 million dollars which is a very large sum of money especially in those days. Not to mention the 48.9% of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and an income of about $1000 per day.

She grieved deeply at the lost of her child and husband. One day, a friend suggest that she should talk to a medium. The medium went on telling her there is a curse in her family which took the life of her husband and her daughter. It soon will take Sarah life too. The curse is said to be the result of the terrible weapon created by the Winchester family(The Winchester Rifles) which had cause thousands of people died. Their spirit is now seeking for vengeance.

Bird eye view of the Mansion.
Sarah was told that she must sell her property in new Haven and head towards the setting sun. She is told that she will be guided by the spirit of her husband. The medium also told her that when she reaches her destination, she must then , built a house for herself and the spirits who had died because of the weapon. She must never stop building.  " can never stop building the house. If you continue building, you will live. Stop and you will die." The medium told her.

She believed it, and travel west. When she reached her destination, she bought a house and continue building the house non stop until her death 36 years later.

The mystery of the house goes on as the structure of the house made no sense at all. There were countless staircase and doors which led to nowhere. Blind chimneys which stops short of the ceiling, closets that open to blank walls, trap doors, double back hallways, and many bathrooms had glass doors on them.

Door that leads to nowhere.
 It was said that Sarah was intrigued by the number 13. Nearly all the windows contained 13 panes of glass, the walls had 13 panels, many of the wooden floors contained 13 sections, and every staircase had 13 steps excluding one which has 42 steps.

Sarah died at the early hours on September 4, 1922. She left all her possessions to her niece, Frances Marriot who had been handling Sarah business affair for some time. Sarah bank account had dwindled considerably. Rumors told that somewhere in the house was hidden a safe containing her fortune.

All belongings in the house was removed while the house itself were sold to a group of investors who planned to use it as tourist attraction. The house was initially advertised as being 148 rooms but what is so confusing is that, every time the room count was taken, different total sum come up. The place was so puzzling that the workmen took more than six weeks to get the furniture out of it. 

The rooms were counted over and over again five years later and it was estimated that 160 rooms existed... although no one is really sure if that is correct.

Twisty hallways.
If you take a closer look, the floor was not even level! I wonder how running on there feels like!...creepy

So, the promise is here...hope you enjoy this new discovery. Visit the place if you had a chance, its a tourist attraction. See more at, "America's Most Haunted PLaces" or visit "Shadgrimgrvy Blog" for a few pictures of the house.


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