The Four: The Sleepover

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hey there! I'm sorry, no tips for today. Today, I'm up to share some of  'The Four's' activity. If you're one of my 'up to date' readers, you've probably already knew who 'The Four' is. Yesterday, three of the four friends having sleepover at Sherlyn's house. One of the member, which is Varrelene, couldn't make it. She was too busy to join. Too bad :(

Anyway, during the sleepover, the three did some crazy project, which they call "Our Song" project. After several trial, finally, this was the result...

"Eww..that sucks.." one of them says.
Then Clare, "Okay, please..........not You-Tube!!!". Sherlyn grinned.
Beverly, "Why not? I want it to be so, so be it! You can do nothing about it!"

They argue about it but then they finally decide that its not a big deal. So they uploaded it! Beverly was on the lead of course. The craziest among all.

After spending another half of the day doing almost nothing, they decided that they want to make another cover. And it was kinda horrible. Here it was...

They listened to it over and over and over again and they liked it mainly because it sucks.

Clare, "Haha..that's horrible. Wonder how much dislikes we suck after this!"
Sherlyn, "Forget it Clare, no one will be watching anyway. Even if they did, they wouldn't care anyway."
Beverly, "Duh, no matter how perfect anything is, there's always people who doesn't agree with it. So why bother to make it perfect? We're doing this for fun anyway and I've wrote it at the description. Hate it and we suck it! It's a dare anyway."
And they all laugh. Laugh it like crazy!

Soon, it was 'online'....! "Let it be the mark of our 15 of age. They cheers. And get ready to laugh it off 10 years from now....they thought...."

Thats all that happened during the sleepover. Almost nothing but it was a mark of history to them...


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