Don't be afraid to be single

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Can you feel the magic in the air..?

Sometimes, fairy-tale is so much better than reality. Agree? In fairy-tale, everything seems possible and everything happens in a magical and beautiful way.

If I were given a choice to choose a character in Wonderland, I would choose to be a fairy~(n.n)

A guy was chatting with me on a social network. We were talking about boyfriend and girlfriend. We actually are just two stranger talking over anything to fill our time with empty words.

I told him that I was bored and he offered me a way to overcome it(jokingly). He give me two ways, the fun or hard way. I ask him, what's the difference. He said, the fun way is by calling your boyfriend while the hard way is to ask him for a fight! I replied, "Sadly, I can't do both...". He asks, "Why not?". Me, "because I don't have a boyfriend!...xD". He replied, "You're joking right? That's impossible..". Me, "Why not? It's the truth..LOL".

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am SINGLE! Who says, I can't be single? I had to, go out and mingle, baby..that's just ME!~Says the Demi Lovato. Right, I don't get it why people are afraid to be single! They collect as many girlfriends and boyfriends as they can, playing with each others heart, while carrying the motto, "Collect and choose". That's the problem with today's society, we look at each other as an object to fulfill our needs and desire.

Actually, people with this mind are quiet insecure with their self. They're afraid that people may think of them as "Tak Laku", the Malay said. Me? I don't care. Remember, people will always say whatever they want. We can never stop them. I will be whatever makes me happy. May it be single or not, time will decide.

By accepting someone you don't love won't make you happy at all. Trust me, I've done that. You think you will be secure by just having a girlfriend and a boyfriend? won't! If you're not really in love and are not pretty sure whether he/she loves you too, you won't really care to look at his/her backgrounds. They might have other lovers. If you think that it doesn't really matter for you don't really love the person, you're wrong. Yes, it matters. Why not? Are you sure you're okay when they label you as a slut, mistress, or a mindless doll? Of course you do right...? Besides, self security can only be born by confidence.

Don't worry if you're single. In fact, it's fun! You're free to talk, flirt, look at any guy without a limit and without any feelings of worry that someone might get jealous!

So, stop worrying now, and live your life!!


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