Devil and angel

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The devil and angel....everyone got them inside of them right? And that's including me :)

When the devil dominates, I become a very hot tempered, rude, selfish, bossy, and jealous girl. I feel like I wanna rule the world! I practically hate everyone. At times, I could be very cruel too. You can't imagine.

When the angel dominates, I become a very patient, kind, sweet, obedient, and forgiving person. I feel like I love everyone and everything even though they hurt me.

Some say that, when I become evil, I'm period.LOL. And when I'm being an angel, they said that I was just being motivated by a touching speech from church. But to tell the truth, it wasn't come from my period, or preach, it just come naturally. At times, I do believe that I have alters. Do you know what that is? In short, it was called (MPD), Multiple Personality Disorder. To find out more, just click here. It's an interesting fact.

Why did I say so? Well, at times, I'm very good at music, playing guitar. Sometimes, dancing and at the other times, I'm very good in painting. At times, I could debate spontaneously! But there are times where I can't do any of those at all! It seems like I got no memory of doing any of those.

Once, someone showed me a video where I'm dancing in a party. Well, they're good. It was just a week before she showed me the video and I have no memory of it at all! In fact, I don't have any memory of doing what she was saying. Then the others, showed me a beautiful painting. She said I gave it to her a little a while ago, not sure when. And I can't recall anytime where I paint it! I know I've been in time where it all happens, but the memory I have is different from what they're saying.

But don't worry. I live normal. In fact I love to have these talents. By the way, my case is not as worse as the woman on the link I've given. Poor woman....

P.s, Read Tell me your dreams. It's a novel by Sidney Sheldon. After reading it, you'll sure will have a better understanding on alters thingy :)


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