Stories: The four friends

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Once upon a time, there were four girls namely Beverly, Varrelene, Clare and Sherlyn. They were bestfriends like BFF...oops.. cross one 'F', we haven't know yet. They came from different world and their attitude were so different! But yet, that doesn't keep them apart. Not just they are physically different, the way they think were also weird. O wait, did I just say weird? Cause that just weird-

Let's start from the right hand side. Your right-hand side readers-not the picture.
The name was Sherlyn. Cute :P. She has a very white skin-too white! You might get eyes cataract just by looking at her! hehe..joke. She has a pair of cute eyes and pink lips. You can see that. She has wavy natural hair and she was tall. Not so tall, just normal height. And she..she..err.. What else-a Chinese? Yeah maybe, I don't know what to call. She's a Chinese+Kadazan dusun-Let's call her a Kadachin. or... Nisesun or.. Chika? ah.. whatever! Okay, enough with physical appearance. Let's move on to greater detail of her.

She came from west-Malaysia from a place known as Penang. She move to place known as Sabah to a place known as Sandakan to a place known as Indah Jaya about two and a half years ago. She move because of God-knows-why. Not important.

Move on to characters of Sherlyn. Sherlyn is a girl that is full of sick+stupid-smart but yet funny jokes. She's a mine of knowledge-never ending flowing idea. She looked kinda formal and matured to outsiders but her friends knows what kind she really is. She is weird+crazy by hook and are a very outgoing person. Very rosy, friendly and a bull in a China shop. Why did I so? Easy, she is careless FYI. Here are a few picture of her to give you a few idea of her.

Formal side of her.
Middle:crazy side of her.
Matured side of her.

Move on to the second to the right girl-Clare.
So this is Clare. The girl-not the ape behind her. Physically, she is short..hehe. And she has thick -thick like VERY thick- straight hair. Small eyes like Chinese. But she's not okay. In fact, her skin were a bit chocolat'-ish :P. She is skinny  but appear to be not so skinny because she's short. And she's a Visaya. The Philiphine one not the kind in Sarawak. She become Malaysian because she was born in Malaysia. Her mother and father too. And the mother of her mother and the mother of her mother, mother too!

On the brain side, she is kind of chicken-hearted fellow. But always try to brazen herself out and it always appear to be annoying. Why? Because she loves to blow her own trumpet. Among the four, she is the timid one. Not because she don't like talking, but because she can't beat the three in talking. BTW, she can't spin a yarn. Her story would always end up to be knotty! She's always toe to the line of the three. Fortunately, there are positive value of her to exist in this world-she's always a right hand! The next were a few snapshots to picture her.
Innocent face: she always made that face. that was her full time mask.
Right side: Crazy.
Left side: P.S she's good at choosing outfit that looked good to her.
 Now let's move on to the third from the right or the second from the left.
The name is Varrelene. Physically, she is the biggest among-st the four thus make her looked like the oldest. FYI, she is the youngest. She has thin layered re-bonding hair which is the latest trend of planet earth. Again, she also have Chinese eyes. But she's not. Not entirely, her mum was Kadazan-Dusun and her daddy was Chinese-another Sherlyn clone. But I don't assume her as a Chinese because she can't even speak a word in Chinese. Oh wait, she can, but only this line_你是愚蠢的_ don't understand? google translate it.

The interior side of her. She's a plain sailing kind of girl but her decisions were always the thin end of the wedge. Therefore, she's always the backbone of the team. She always worried. Don't know what always hound her. Whatever she said, the three were always willing to feed out of her hands. Don't know why.Maybe she has a voodoo or something.When she don't like you, she could kill you with her eyes. But, she is a very gentle+sweet kind of person. On the bright side, she has a very beautiful angelic voice which make her very popular. To picture her.....
the matured-ness of Varrelene.
Left: cute side of her.

Black t-shirt: Gotcha! the childish side of her.
P.S it's very rare to see her showing her childish side but she can't  hide it from her friends :P

Now let's go to the last from the right or the first from the left.
She was born to the earth carrying the name of Beverly. Physically, she was skinny-Did I just say that? Oh yes, I did, VERY skinny. People call her a lamp posts or a skewers or a pole-depending on what come to mind first when they saw her- Among the four, she's the one that has a very big eyes-look at that, does it remind you of Garfield? The obese cat?

On the inner-head side of her, she is a pest. She's always confused. Her identity were undefined. So is her  attitude. Sometimes, she's so feminine, at times she's so tomboy, and sometimes, she's so E.M.O! Spinning a yarn were her favorite full time hobby. In fact, she's the most unbeatable talker among-st the four. She also had some of Sherlyn's DNA, and that is a bull in a China shop. Beside of being spiteful, she also loves to blow her own trumpet. Positive side of her-NONE. Behind every cloud, there's a silver line. But she believes behind the silver line, there's another cloud!-Stupid. Picture her this way=>

Pancake face.
Tomboy side of her.
Left: Dorky-ness.

By hook, they were just too different in every angle. Maybe, they have few in common, but yet, it really doesn't really help.  Despite this, they have their own way to fit in each others.

Coming soon......
The life story of the four.........


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